Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday 31: Respect

Hello I've been so much without writing but I promised myself to do it before February.

One day, when it was returning of the high school a few boys in the park were laughing at an old lady who was in a window, she was stooping to take something of the floor and as consequence of many years, it was noticed that this was costing her physically. The boys of the park were laughing at her non-stoping. Later, when it had already happened, they asked me if there was a shop closer. My natural response was to tell them F*** U! but no, I said where it was to him and I go straight. The lady who they were laughing at, the one of the window was my grandmother.

 There are times where you wish that people mature a little. Whoever is the person that we have ahead, it deserves respect . Black, short, ill, elders, homosexuals, children, Asians, Caucasians … our capacities don't depend of it, but over all they are persons! Like us, like your families. The world must mature a little, because it lives in a constant idiot adolescence, even too idiot for teenagers. You'll know what do you do with your life but when this one concerns the life of others, at least respect them whoever they are.

The past is remembered only to learn of him. I believe that already there have been enough examples of hate for race, sex, age … Nazis, homophobes, racists … it isn't anything new, is a part of the past, of our history and is there for makins us learn.

We are persons and it's over any stupid and easy hate.

Thanks for reading!

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