Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday 30: Buses

At high hours in the morning, after having risen early, slept less than six hours, bringing the breakfast in a hand if you're lucky (aka coffee in a cup to take, let's see if like this you can make up your mind)  going running while rain falls, and when you get to the stop and're about to get on, they tell you that this little pleasure that is provided of morning caffeine can not enter by the door.

After work, or school, eager to get home, or to the meeting with that person you knew someday on the way to somewhere, and decides to arrive 30 minutes late, standing in the middle of an avenue for some small breakdown in the mechanical system of that rusty lever projecting through the door.

Loading with the portfolio of books, the bag with sports apparel for then, the little lunch bag and a wallet where you keep the work you're putting in 2 hours after and that you have prepared  hardly throughout the week, but not even with a master in tetris you'll get them all strategically place in your seat, nor even think the idea of ​​using the top shelf above the seats (very uncomfortable), so the best idea is to use the seat next to you, but then a person decides to disable your proposal resting his weight on the defenceless seat.

You find out on Sunday, when all tobacconist and non-suspicious shops have being closed, that your season ticket has expired, or that the ticket price has risen (it will never fall down) and you have to buy or change yours before tomorrow morning , what's about 9 hours.

But that's the moment when, after hiding (with so many days of practice on your back) your strong morning coffee, and place all your stuff getting immobilize yourself on your own seat, and all those actions that are already more than a routine, you feel like at home.

You always try to sit in the same area, you know that gentleman boy that greets you every morning although you don't know him personally, and that gets off two stops before you; but the other half of people who takes it up, are unknown for you, whose lives you imagine and think about all along the way.


  The traffic sound gets liven up by the music of your headphones and the conversation you have with your peers, those with you only talk on those four wheels, and in that small journey you discover that are alike you more than what you expected, and sometimes it partly open your mind to new ideas, there's no doubt that these morning conversations are of the best of the day, but you might not have yet noticed it

You can read, study those outstanding notes, or recover those hours of sleep you can not stop with the coffee that is hidden inside the jacket.

And when you're not busy talking and you stop and look a little, you find a person that you can't get off your sight, you can say you're attracted to and that there is something that makes you ask yourself to change your seat and start a conversation, but it's just that, an entertainment in a journey.


And when you got used to this, and as part of your daily routine, you realize that it's harder to get off the bus than getting on.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Saturday 16: New Year's Pourposes

What's up? Happy New Year! (Yeah, by these days) I'm sorry for not having written since last year (forgive me please) I suposse not having lots of time, exams, whatever (I'm still looking at the blog oftenly, just without writing)... but I'm gone!

I wanted to ask you for your new year's pourposes (Do you remember that? The things you pretend to do every year wich seems easier that what they really are, these ones!) Okey, this year I didn't expected to dream about the same wishes i usually do, I just felt right and I said "Hey, and what's about feeling good, living with a positive point of view? And I may say I'm proud. There have been almost three months, where I've discovered that life is different when you face it believing everything is worth it, world can change, you can make it!

I think it was enough to wish for the same things, which last in time and every year increase their weight like lead. Instead of that I thoutgh on a new wish, that can change my life equally and what I was decided to get.

To sum up, don't give up on your pourposes, don't ever lose the spirit that makes you an adventurer, what makes you going even against life to get your best deals!

Life's cooler when you look at her with good eyes!

 I promise to come back early! The Secret Teenager

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday 4: Changing time

Hey there! Since my last post (well not that, the one before) I've changed a little bit. I won't (and already can't) tell you about all of that but I will, at least I would try.

Like most of you would have experienced once, my mind is full of doubts (the teenager age and its hormonal jokes). I wouldn't mind if I finally got something in clear, but that's not the case.

When my head was plenty of nonsenses I stopped to think. I knew nothing about my future, I discovered I regret some part of my past, but the most fearful thought was I didn't know myself! It's terrifing...really, when you realize you're not the one you thought. But it's not comparable to realize who you are.

WHY ME? (the typical question is made) The people here around looks like being "normal" like if they wouldn't have problems or at least not mine.

People say it's only a term, and I'll discover myself and will be happy but as important as to achieve an aim is the way you do it, the steps you take, the times you fall to the ground and raise up again and again...
My conclusion? An advice. Be yourself, take your time to discover yourself, and act according to your thoughts and values. Be yourself and not what they expect you to be.

The Secret Teenager

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