Sunday, March 17, 2013

Saturday 16: New Year's Pourposes

What's up? Happy New Year! (Yeah, by these days) I'm sorry for not having written since last year (forgive me please) I suposse not having lots of time, exams, whatever (I'm still looking at the blog oftenly, just without writing)... but I'm gone!

I wanted to ask you for your new year's pourposes (Do you remember that? The things you pretend to do every year wich seems easier that what they really are, these ones!) Okey, this year I didn't expected to dream about the same wishes i usually do, I just felt right and I said "Hey, and what's about feeling good, living with a positive point of view? And I may say I'm proud. There have been almost three months, where I've discovered that life is different when you face it believing everything is worth it, world can change, you can make it!

I think it was enough to wish for the same things, which last in time and every year increase their weight like lead. Instead of that I thoutgh on a new wish, that can change my life equally and what I was decided to get.

To sum up, don't give up on your pourposes, don't ever lose the spirit that makes you an adventurer, what makes you going even against life to get your best deals!

Life's cooler when you look at her with good eyes!

 I promise to come back early! The Secret Teenager

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