Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday 12: Thinking about

Have you ever feel like your life wasn't yours? Like if you wanna live your own life but you couldn't do it?

This is how I feel right now! Like if I couldn't live my own life, because I can't take my own decissions, I can't make the changes I would like. The topic is that I will be able to do it when I grow up (18 or 21 depending of the country).
It's near but when I think about it I feel too small, like a child! I'm in that moment when you sometimes feel like you're old enough or too small.
I don't really know what I want, I have no such idea, my mind just give me several options but then doesn't choose anyone.
I know anything about myself and that sometimes hurts. I know I'm not giving my all, I'm not being the real "me". I just wait and hope someday it will be easier but I know actually it won't be like that unless I do it, and I know I won't do it yet.
I just want a fulfilling future, getting all my aims, the day I say "that's enough nonsense" and begin living my life.
But well...without more ado, let me give you an advice: "Be yourself, ever. Do it for the people who can't. Do it for you, for your happiness. It's all the people want."

If I could, then I would...

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