Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday 4: Changing time

Hey there! Since my last post (well not that, the one before) I've changed a little bit. I won't (and already can't) tell you about all of that but I will, at least I would try.

Like most of you would have experienced once, my mind is full of doubts (the teenager age and its hormonal jokes). I wouldn't mind if I finally got something in clear, but that's not the case.

When my head was plenty of nonsenses I stopped to think. I knew nothing about my future, I discovered I regret some part of my past, but the most fearful thought was I didn't know myself! It's terrifing...really, when you realize you're not the one you thought. But it's not comparable to realize who you are.

WHY ME? (the typical question is made) The people here around looks like being "normal" like if they wouldn't have problems or at least not mine.

People say it's only a term, and I'll discover myself and will be happy but as important as to achieve an aim is the way you do it, the steps you take, the times you fall to the ground and raise up again and again...
My conclusion? An advice. Be yourself, take your time to discover yourself, and act according to your thoughts and values. Be yourself and not what they expect you to be.

The Secret Teenager

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