Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday 29: Opportunities...

 It is what the whole world looks: an opportunity to be able to express, to demonstrate they are worthy, for the world accepts you …
 They say that in certain part you are responsible for the opportunities that you have and of how you use them, but on the other hand the luck is included in the story.
When you ask someone if they would use an opportunity if they had it, they will say to you that yes, but they will never have thought it really. You only  dream that at some time this opportunity appears and without any effort you achieve what you want. For bad luck the world doesn't work this way and as the time goes, the things are more difficult and you have to make an effort to obtain less.
The opportunities turn up alone but for when you want to realize that you have it someone will have stolen it and achieved what was going to be your work, square for the university … Now the world will try to be over you and you won't be able to win the world if you hope that an opportunity comes to you. It's true that the luck influences but your probabilities of having it will increase if you are who strains for chasing what wants, for finding this opportunity, or simply for fighting against the world without managing to obtain this pinch of luck that helps you, because you alone can against the entire world and his opportunities if you propose it, you only have to strain really for that one you want, not only dreaming.
The value of the effort is something that goes in decadence lately, it's something of what we should learn of other persons who haven't taken so much luck as us in this life. A person taught me that though you believe that you cannot obtain something, even this way you must try it, because you never know if any day you will achieve it. Probably this doesn't have any sense for u, probably it really don't have it, but in a future the person who tried it will be able to feel well with itself only for the effort that he realized. This sensation of happiness and overcoming.
There are people who for some or other reasons hasn't been lucky in the life and they had the worst part, and even like that they go out forward. It was thanks to a person like that for whom I began this blog. And if they can, why cannot we strain for anything that in proportion surely is more easily?.. I believe that we haven't appeared the fact of starting straining for the first time in our life.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday 25: Sometimes...

Sometimes I want my life would be like a film; sometimes my life looks like a film.
 Sometimes I stop thinking to have a minute of tranquility, and in this minute I must take an important decision.
 Sometimes my life is the worst, without counting another many persons.
 Sometimes I would like to obtain everything what I want, sometimes I don't know what I want to obtain.
 Sometimes I say never and it ends up by being always.
 Sometimes doors are closed and windows are not opened.
 Sometimes I'm normal, sometimes I lie.
 Sometimes my world turns on someone, sometimes someone makes my world stops turning.
 Sometimes I write without knowing what I want to say and I say everything, but I say it wrong. Sometimes I look for an explanation to impossible things, sometimes I would like to mistake to the gravity.
 Sometimes probably is the only response I can give.
 Sometimes I find something that leaves me without words, sometimes I find the exact word.
Sometimes my dreams take the dream from me, sometimes the past steals the future from me.
 Sometimes probably is the only response I can give.
 Sometimes I find something that leaves me without words, sometimes I find the exact word.
 Sometimes so many things happen, sometimes everything seems to be so unreal that you believe that it is a dream, or a nightmare.
Sometimes I realize so many things, and simultaneously I see that I don't know many others.
Sometimes I believe in the infinite and sometimes I get lost on it. But …

Always I will have the hope of which sometimes happens what I want that happens. Xoxo

Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday 18: Bullying...

 Hello! I've been late in writing but these days I've been busy: this weekend I've gone of trip, I would have to play in a competition but I managed to make me a sprain last week and not be able to play, ok, another week of rest.
 Today I didn't know if to write about my sprain, or the competition, or on what; but reading comments in twitter I've seen a song about bullying and I've decided to write about it.

It's not me... See it please! 

When I was younger, I was the clever girl of class, I was good with the music , the sports, the college … and I had friends, and I continue having them. My friends and I have never been the most popular, not the rarest, rather we are in the middle. A few years ago some persons of my college started picking  on me, I never undersatnd why and the truth now I don't think that they made my infancy bitter, or that I need help for what they made me suffer, it's true that there were days that I preferred not going to the college only for don't have to see certain persons but it never seemed to me that it must ruining me the day so I didn't allow that it should do it and simply I carry on, I was happy with my life.Now, sometimes I see in magazines or television or comments of the people that say that they suffered bullying and that they really have suffered hard things. I decided to pass from the people who was insulting me because they only were the 0,00001 % of all the persons that I was going to meet in my life and his opinion of me doesn't mind me. I had the option to do this, but I see that there are people that not. I'm going to send two messages, one for those persons who have been insulted or who the people have made them feel less without being it; and other one to these persons who destroy others to raise his ego.

1º Message for those who suffer it:
Well, probably I don't be able to explain me well, even probably to read this doesn't help you but I write it with all my good intention. I know what is that the people criticize you for everything what you do, even for the things that you do well; I know what is to feel that all your life is a shit, which is not worth continuing forward or to try to improve because you won't obtain it, and probably it's true, but it won't be because someone who only criticizes you to spend the moment said it to you. Why do you believe something that they say to you to believe itself better than you, something that comes from people whose life doesn't have why to be better than yours. Don't ever have envy of them, his lives aren't worthy, but yours yes. If they criticize you is because you still haven't show everything what you worth, defend yourself! they must see that you worth more than what they think, they must see that you can exceed them and they have to be who have fear of you and not the other way around. Don't doubt about your capacity, your value or your dignity for people as this because it isn't worthy. YOU WORTH VERY MUCH, nobody will be able to calculate how much ever. And finally an advice: if the world gives you the back, touch his ass :P

2º Message for those who fuck:
I'm not going to insult you or to say that you are wretched not anything like this, I don't believe that it serves for anything. Have never someone pick on you? Do you know what is not to feel sufficiently good? Probably you do it in an innocent way, probably you only want to spend the moment and it looks like to you a silly joke, but for the person that this one ahead can be very hard to have to bear it. If what you need is to feel superior, you must know that it doesn't serve to be egocentric and to despise the others because probably one day they have a position superior to your one. You also worth very much, but whenever you tread on the one that is ahead you're losing value for the persons. It's so easy as to say sorry, and probably a simple word could arrange all this hurt that you have done. Be brave and admit that you have been wrong with regard to other persons, it is never late to do it.

Finally I want to say sorry to all the persons who i've made feel bad or worse in some moment of my life because I'm really sorry of it.
PS: Show always the better thing of you though the world goes against you because though there wil be people who says the opposite, you are worthy. Xoxo
Oh... so you think you know me now? Have you forgotten how You would make me feel When you drag my spirit down? .....

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday 10: Sports...

 Today I'm going to tell you a bit for what I'm preparing myself lately and during the next 3 months. Ok, I love the sport and I've competitions all the year round, but at the beginning of summer it is the most important national and annual championship.
 After taking a disappointment last weekend and seeing that everything what I've trained till now is not enough cause I go too just to entrust (it's so much but still lacking), I've decided that I'm going to take it more seriously cause  it's really important for me and I want have good results; I have been   improving them this season (for 2 years I've recognized the real sport, and since this year I've begun to obtain a suitable national level).
Till now I was sacrificing many weekends that it could go with my friends to play competitions, on weekdays I use my breaks to train and when I come home and I've free moments i spend them looking for curiosities over this because I enjoy it. Surely I won't be the best or  I won't be famous or live from the sport, it won't be because I don't want but it's cause there are many people there out fighting for the same thing.
I still haven't decided about what level I want to remain or if I want to continue towards ahead. Behind all the sportsmen that we see in television there are million persons who stayed behind them and were overcome. I would like to be this person who wins always and doesn't know the defeat, though I must say that it's true that we learned more by a defeat than by a victory.
For this reason I will try to extract the better of me, at least these 3 months and if I see that it works I suppose that I will continue with it. If on the contrary I see that it doesn't work (I hope that it doesn't happen because I go away to strengthening and I don't look for so unattainable aims) I don't believe that I leave it but simply I will stay in the level that I'm now. This weekend I could have verified that what I'm doing goes course to the first national positions because playing with a mate we have reached the semi-finals, this at the beginning of season seemed to be impossible but as Adidas says "Impossible is nothing! ".
I think that I will never leave the sport cause it's something very important in my life, almost it's possible to say that  it's really for what I live. It's sure that the top athletes one day did the same questions to themselves simply that existed someone behind that supported them and they could fulfill their dream. I hope it happens to me.
I put a song here, it has a cristian message  but i only want to show the "nothing is impossible", and how the song says "I have faith in" and this is what make me be better. Xoxo from a sports lover.

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