Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday 10: Sports...

 Today I'm going to tell you a bit for what I'm preparing myself lately and during the next 3 months. Ok, I love the sport and I've competitions all the year round, but at the beginning of summer it is the most important national and annual championship.
 After taking a disappointment last weekend and seeing that everything what I've trained till now is not enough cause I go too just to entrust (it's so much but still lacking), I've decided that I'm going to take it more seriously cause  it's really important for me and I want have good results; I have been   improving them this season (for 2 years I've recognized the real sport, and since this year I've begun to obtain a suitable national level).
Till now I was sacrificing many weekends that it could go with my friends to play competitions, on weekdays I use my breaks to train and when I come home and I've free moments i spend them looking for curiosities over this because I enjoy it. Surely I won't be the best or  I won't be famous or live from the sport, it won't be because I don't want but it's cause there are many people there out fighting for the same thing.
I still haven't decided about what level I want to remain or if I want to continue towards ahead. Behind all the sportsmen that we see in television there are million persons who stayed behind them and were overcome. I would like to be this person who wins always and doesn't know the defeat, though I must say that it's true that we learned more by a defeat than by a victory.
For this reason I will try to extract the better of me, at least these 3 months and if I see that it works I suppose that I will continue with it. If on the contrary I see that it doesn't work (I hope that it doesn't happen because I go away to strengthening and I don't look for so unattainable aims) I don't believe that I leave it but simply I will stay in the level that I'm now. This weekend I could have verified that what I'm doing goes course to the first national positions because playing with a mate we have reached the semi-finals, this at the beginning of season seemed to be impossible but as Adidas says "Impossible is nothing! ".
I think that I will never leave the sport cause it's something very important in my life, almost it's possible to say that  it's really for what I live. It's sure that the top athletes one day did the same questions to themselves simply that existed someone behind that supported them and they could fulfill their dream. I hope it happens to me.
I put a song here, it has a cristian message  but i only want to show the "nothing is impossible", and how the song says "I have faith in" and this is what make me be better. Xoxo from a sports lover.

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