Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday 28: Paralympics...

Hello! I'm infuriated with myself, also with a deep feeling of admiration to certain persons. Well, I've begun to read a book cause I liked the principal topic and was looking alike interesting: it's about a Paralympic sportswoman who when she was a young woman was healthy but when she was teen they diagnosed a degenerative disease that would make her blind. Even so, after a lot of effort she continued forward.

I'm a sportwoman, not to Olympian level, already I would like, and sincerely if for example I was remaining blind, I would not be capable of confronting it as them. I don't want to imagine how I would feel on having got into the water and not having known where I am and without knowing how to go out of there; or how to move if I don't have arms or legs. For me this is a fact that deserves all my support and respect, and something more than admiration.

 I don't need to know anyboy who is Paralympic  to know that all these competitions and big results come with previous effort, overcoming, witness, and great mental strength, without counting the fact that supposes having to adapt to a situation like this.

There is no better example of overcoming. This one is the point with I'm infuriated. I see these sportsmen with the whole world in against them and they continue fighting, everything for winning this little piece of gold at the end of a competition that will take them to other one and later to other one … And then I look at me, without straining for so many things only because it gives me laziness or seems me to be boring, or because I think it's too hard, too hard? Come off it! I really don't know what is anything too hard and I would like to learn this witness and overcoming that characterizes them. Of every person we can learn a little and of them I can learn many things that I hope some day should manage to have. As this they have all my support and I hope they manage to be very high, because they deserve everyone's respect.

It is not possible to say much more, the good thing sells in small flask and they are. I don't believe that any of them reads this but, even so I send them all my support and encouragement because I believe that they worth very much, and I believe that his effort deserves all my admiration.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday 25: Social Movements...

Today I'm going to answer to the first comment of the blog. Thank you for writing. Well, the comment was speaking about a topic that now stands out much in some countries: the social movements for different reasons.
 I'm not going to get into political topics, cause I know well that every person has his opinion and I'm not going to discuss it, in addition I don't believe that I have the sufficient knowledge to give a critical opinion; neither I won't please nor will criticize to any specific movement; what I am going to say is a small summary of what, in my innocent and inexpert opinion, must be a movement to be able to have successful and to represent a great group of people.
I will start saying that I believe that the movements are a good way for expressing the opinions of the society, always when they follow certain conditions. Since I've read in this blog that someone have send me, I share that the movements mustn't be stimulate in the violence: many movements who haven't been listened use it as way to come to the persons, but often this also implies losing the bases on which the movement rests and it indicates the end of a group.

Another aspect is the duration. There are social movements that last decades and probably never find the end because his reasons will never be shared by all, for good or bad luck, since example is the movement in favour of the rights of the Afro-Americans, whose principal figure was Martin Luther King, or for the rights of the children. Many groups had firm and decent bases in their beginnings and then they transformed in simple groups of protest against anything, and it isn't necessary to exaggerate.
I suppose that a social movement must be faithful to their principles and defend them in a pacific way and without imposing them to anybody, cause not we all think equally. Still there are many causes for that we should complain, though many will never disappear, but any great movement begins in a small act.
 Finally as I read in this comment, there are many people who with many studies and a great curriculum doesn't obtain work. This is an aspect that though I hate to admit, is like it is, because many countries are in general crisis and the money is scarcing. I believe that in this occasion it's more useful to look for a solution (if someone is capable of finding it) to simply complaining, that it is too easy.
Maybe you don't share my opinion, but I hope didn't make you waste your time.
The Secret Teenager

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday 20: Summer Inspiration...

Hi! I'm secret teenager, I'm glad for returning with you, hope that you haven't forgotten me after all this time. I've been so busy with examinations, ends of season and all these things.
 Today I haven't  had a good day, truthly: first this night I haven't slept anything to be able to study 12 topics of literature for today's exam, and everything to raise the average of AN examination that went me badly and it will lower my global average (S***!); then in the high school I haven't made anything, well yes, I inflated globes, very logically in a high school; finally I have had a concert and it wasn't badly, it was the worst .
 After tell you this shit day, now that I'm encouraged, I'll give you a small push for those who still waiting the summer comes. It is my little inspiration to encourage myself this latter days. 

I'll begin with the image that all of us got in head when we talk about summer. It's the typical travel you do with a lot of friends to a heavenly island where you stay partying ALL day and ALL night. Well, I have planed a trip like this with my friends for our graduation. I'll told you if we get it. ;D

Maybe, your summer inspiration comes finding a summer love. It could be forever, or only for tomorrow, but it doesn't really mind cause you won't ever forget the feelings you felt, you will remember that summer evening at dask when this special person touch your heart and stayed there forever like a star and its blur in the blue sky. Summer loves are more passionately than winter's are. It's a mix of hot-passion-love-(and more things you can imagine yourself...).

 Another point of inspiration could be the freetime we have for doing things we haven't ever tried. What's you real dream? What do you really want to do? Maybe learning skateboarding, surfing..taking piano lessons; discovering new countries, new cities, new societies, different groups of people...what the hell, you can jump from a 3.000 metres high airplane and then spread your wings and begin to fly around the world (but it's better if you use a parachute instead of wings! don't forget it ;D)

Also, you can take advantage to have a look at the new season's clothes, and bought new trendy clothes for getting trendy; it doesn't depends of what tipe of fashion do you love.

Finally, and maybe the most important topic of summer: PARTY. This is the time for always having party, like in the typical american film where there are a party out of control. Drinking whisky and smoking aren't the only things you can do, but man, it's a party!. Summer is time for chaos, for being out of control, for innovating, to explore feelings that the rest of the year you're too busy for discovering. Come on boys!

I told you the most easy ways for having fun at summer and for dreaming about it during the rest of the year. Now you must think your own ways too. This is your beginning point of inspiration:

The Secret Teenager

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