Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday 28: Paralympics...

Hello! I'm infuriated with myself, also with a deep feeling of admiration to certain persons. Well, I've begun to read a book cause I liked the principal topic and was looking alike interesting: it's about a Paralympic sportswoman who when she was a young woman was healthy but when she was teen they diagnosed a degenerative disease that would make her blind. Even so, after a lot of effort she continued forward.

I'm a sportwoman, not to Olympian level, already I would like, and sincerely if for example I was remaining blind, I would not be capable of confronting it as them. I don't want to imagine how I would feel on having got into the water and not having known where I am and without knowing how to go out of there; or how to move if I don't have arms or legs. For me this is a fact that deserves all my support and respect, and something more than admiration.

 I don't need to know anyboy who is Paralympic  to know that all these competitions and big results come with previous effort, overcoming, witness, and great mental strength, without counting the fact that supposes having to adapt to a situation like this.

There is no better example of overcoming. This one is the point with I'm infuriated. I see these sportsmen with the whole world in against them and they continue fighting, everything for winning this little piece of gold at the end of a competition that will take them to other one and later to other one … And then I look at me, without straining for so many things only because it gives me laziness or seems me to be boring, or because I think it's too hard, too hard? Come off it! I really don't know what is anything too hard and I would like to learn this witness and overcoming that characterizes them. Of every person we can learn a little and of them I can learn many things that I hope some day should manage to have. As this they have all my support and I hope they manage to be very high, because they deserve everyone's respect.

It is not possible to say much more, the good thing sells in small flask and they are. I don't believe that any of them reads this but, even so I send them all my support and encouragement because I believe that they worth very much, and I believe that his effort deserves all my admiration.

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