Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday 31: Take advantage of the moment...

I go almost two months without posting, but writing, in fact I have a few written topics but they didn't please me at all, when they are better, i'll post them. There are times that I only miss a detail for what I write likes me, to be able to express well what I want to tell you, and I leave it as a draft hoping that someday the inspiration comes to me and I finish it. And this way, already they are almost two months.

I've written this post because I saw an image (property of Shay Mitchell) in Internet and I liked it to extract as topic. More than an image it's a message, and quite clearly: take advantage of the moment! I must admit that for me writing here's like to stop for thinking a bit about my life, how it is and how I want it'd be, probably I use more as a tipe of therapy to be a better person that to tell simply something that happens to me.

The moment that now we're living never will be repeated, it won't return to be August 31, 2011, every second that we live is unique and they are counted, are limited, so why not to take advantage of them. It can be one more second or be a special second, everything depends of how we want to see it. At this moment we could be climbing the highest mountain in the world, learning an almost extinguished language or investigating on the cure from a strange disease, but often simply there is nothing to do and we spend the time in vain. But it isn't necessary doing extraordinary things, simply live through every moment that we have, though it's for stopping to thinking a bit about your own life and writing it in a miser blog ;D.

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