Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday 13: 11-S: Ten years

Some years before...
Everything what happens in the world is a reflection of our acts; or at least it is said by some persons that we think they are wise. In my opinion some parts from our acts will have a response, but the majority of things that happen in the world, happen for our interpretations of the others' acts. Probably I'm not explaining well for you should understand why I'm saying this speaking about that topic, in this case I'm sorry.

When I was 5 years old, I was in my grandma's house, as a normal day, seeing the TV. I don't have many memories from my chilhood, but this one is one of them, and I don't believe that I'll forget it. Now we are so used to seeing catastrophes in the TV that when we see something important it seems  to be normal to us, it is like: oh! But not many stop to think really in the events that took place. As already I said, i don't live in the USA, I didn't see how the towers fall to the ground, and I don't have lived the consequences, I don't even have a walk there. But by the eyes of that five-year girl still being reflected the images of that day.

Many wouldn't let the child see this, they say that they are traumatized. I don't believe it this way, it served me for realise taht in the world more things happen that those who happen around me, that the things that I see in television often are hard and real. But I'm going to stop centring on me, today I want to speak about other persons.

Many people, died this day, exactly 2.752, and many still continue without name or identity (about 1.630 persons). They were innocent, and they lost his lives through the fault of the decisions of a pair of persons. From here I want to remember every and each one of the victims, with their relatives and other affected people, because they suffered and they suffer for the consequences of the acts of another persons that, until this moment they were foreign to their lives. Being sincere, it's not possible to express to him well the different feelings that I can feel about this memory, already they are 10 years, and it still seems that it was yesterday, but what can I say when I see people jumping from a 400-meters building? I'm going to merely giving my support to all those who have paid for the acts of others.



This date mustn't be forgotten, but remembered. It is necessary to learn to live with it, without doing as if it don't exist, it happened and now, 10 years later, we remember it, with a sorrow, but each day with a feeling of continuing forward. I wait that the whole people, and especially USA will get it. My small support of that five-year-old girl.

 "We are free when we don't depend from others, so we're never free" - The Secret Teenager

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