Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday 16: Older-Younger...

Admit it, you did it!
Today I'm going to write about something that seems to me that has happened to everybody in one moment. In the past when I saw 15to18-year people I saw them major, and now I feel young. We all try to seem to be older, I suppose that it's because it's cool being older, but now I believe that the whole world hopes that I answers as an adult, take decisions, and already I don't enter at the plans of the "children" and every time more doors are closed to me. Everything was easy until someone decided for me that I was major, and I don't feel it this way!

When I was younger I saw the typical American teens' series of high school, where they all with 15 years had an hectic life, (though as all they were adult actors they seemed to be a bit older) but I've realized that now they're like me, or rather, I'm like them.

Having a boyfriend, going away to a house of a friend when his parents aren't that weekend, to worry for getting good marks and to join a good university, growing by the way (or supposedly to mature), and all these things that they were saying to us that we would happen some day. Everything seemed to be more enterteining, easy and interesting in the TV.

It's a topic that when you're young you wanna grow and when you do it you wanna return to the 15. Often I have thought that many of the things that we do are because we feel a spice of " social obligation ", and if not, why to mature, or to feel as an adult when you want to return to be a teenager, why many things of our life they have been decided when we are only 15 or 16 years old if  we can still change?

What I feel, what people think Iam and what I don't wanna be...
What more worries me is that life is like a game where we're the pieces, the society moves us, and we play. We play at believing older, at taking decisions, at being important, at being successful, at excelling ourselves, at accepting ourselves as we are … but then in the end we play against someone, against the rest of the world, and they will decide if we win or lose. We can believe older and that the people makes you feel small; we can play at winning, at obtaining our dreams, but then the others will be those who decide if you are worth achieving them.

All of this I've sayed to be able to summarize it in this paragraph with the reason to get you bored with this philosophical roll. I've grown, I know it because now I'm of the major ones, though I feel small. I want to win, to obtain my dreams, to be of the best, but it turns out that someone decides for me if I can or not, and in a time (really shortly, certainly) already I will not have possibilities, 0, anything.

 I began this post because I was going to speak about how strange it's to seem being older, to be a young woman, to feel like an adult, and consider yourself a child; but I end up by speaking how the final decision is not ours, and it doesn't seem to me to be right. If we fight and live for obtaining something, it should be our decision if we can or not to obtain it.

at least now...

"Just feel good with who you are, not with what people want you to be" - TheSecretTeenager


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  1. " Your life is your life
    don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission.
    be on the watch.
    there are ways out.
    there is a light somewhere.
    it may not be much light but
    it beats the darkness.
    be on the watch.
    the gods will offer you chances.
    know them.
    take them.
    you can’t beat death but
    you can beat death in life, sometimes.
    and the more often you learn to do it,
    the more light there will be.
    your life is your life.
    know it while you have it.
    you are marvelous
    the gods wait to delight
    in you."


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