Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday 29: Opportunities...

 It is what the whole world looks: an opportunity to be able to express, to demonstrate they are worthy, for the world accepts you …
 They say that in certain part you are responsible for the opportunities that you have and of how you use them, but on the other hand the luck is included in the story.
When you ask someone if they would use an opportunity if they had it, they will say to you that yes, but they will never have thought it really. You only  dream that at some time this opportunity appears and without any effort you achieve what you want. For bad luck the world doesn't work this way and as the time goes, the things are more difficult and you have to make an effort to obtain less.
The opportunities turn up alone but for when you want to realize that you have it someone will have stolen it and achieved what was going to be your work, square for the university … Now the world will try to be over you and you won't be able to win the world if you hope that an opportunity comes to you. It's true that the luck influences but your probabilities of having it will increase if you are who strains for chasing what wants, for finding this opportunity, or simply for fighting against the world without managing to obtain this pinch of luck that helps you, because you alone can against the entire world and his opportunities if you propose it, you only have to strain really for that one you want, not only dreaming.
The value of the effort is something that goes in decadence lately, it's something of what we should learn of other persons who haven't taken so much luck as us in this life. A person taught me that though you believe that you cannot obtain something, even this way you must try it, because you never know if any day you will achieve it. Probably this doesn't have any sense for u, probably it really don't have it, but in a future the person who tried it will be able to feel well with itself only for the effort that he realized. This sensation of happiness and overcoming.
There are people who for some or other reasons hasn't been lucky in the life and they had the worst part, and even like that they go out forward. It was thanks to a person like that for whom I began this blog. And if they can, why cannot we strain for anything that in proportion surely is more easily?.. I believe that we haven't appeared the fact of starting straining for the first time in our life.

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