Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday 14: F·R·I·E·N·D·S...

Hello, I have written some drafts, even I published a post but the light went away and it was erase, sorry for being late in writing.

 Today I've decided to change a bit the topic to give thanks to these persons who make me feel well though I feel as the worst person of the world. Friends.
 I have never been of those who have a very wide group, or meet many people and is super popularly and all of that. I have the friends that I need, and sometimes I don't realize how it would be my life if they were not. I have never wanted to endear the people because I believe that in some moment this relation will break and it scares me, but I have to say that there are persons who have changed it. In the exception is the rule ¿not?.

When I have a bad moment cause everything goes badly to me, when I lose an important match, when my notes go down, when the whole world says my faults to me and I believe them, when I feel vulgar … they appear and say to me " encourage, that you're worthy " or simply they make me feel specially, they achieve make me laugh without motive, make me happy unreasonableness, do that I feel complete.Though I have never liked to admit that I need other persons, I must say that they do that my life would be like a TV comedy. And the better thing of everything is when you trust in someone and you see that it works, you feel free for being able to share the things that you feel, and feel insurance because you know that finaly they will support you.
I wanted that this was brief and not very sentimental, though I don't know if I've obtained it, simply I want to give thanks to these persons who make me smile when I only manage to cry. The Secret Teenager: Xoxo.

Lyrics (English):
Everything is perfect,
We lack nothing,
not even light, or even time,
always, or morning.

We will win
lost battles,
with only a dream
two hands interview

And not even be because
I hurts but you're not
eyes never deceive,
You can not hide.

It is not heard or seen,
comes in silence
your hands are calm,
I then fell

Everything is perfect,
We lack nothing
even blue, not even wind,
Neither always nor morning.

We are ceding
ground to oblivion,
making huge
small gaps.

And you will not even know because,
you get without wanting to,
your eyes never cheat
they have nothing to hide.

It is not heard or seen
comes in silence
my hands are calm
You then fall

and leave you lose...
takes you where you are...
stars on the water
they have nothing to hide
and I'll be back
I shall do so in silence,
my hands in your back
While you sleep I sleep

The last chosen verse...
I want to be always with you.

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