Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday 5: Hi!

Hello! First I am going to appear: I am a teen girl, I'm not American not even English … so sorry for my English. I've created this blog to be able to count the things that happen to me and that I would like that they were happening; I have a current life, neither i'm pregnant, not have gone to the jail, not am a drug addict … but  I have my problems and dreams, as all of you.
 I will try to write all every week, in exchange I hope you leave comments with your opinion cause it is not a monologue with myself, it's for sharing histories with new people. Little by little you will know more on me and my life, I will speak to you about many topics, but if you want to speak about someone especially only you only have to say it to me.
 To begin I am going to put a song that has a letter with which surely we all have dreamed at some time. Xoxo

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