Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thuesday 22: Carpe Diem...

Sorry for not writing during so much time, but I have been so busy. Today while I was walking, I've met two friends who I did'nt see for much. What a difference! One has changed so much, he has become more responsible and it seemed to be impossible cause he always  was living any wich way; and the other one is still like always ,equal of  mad. How the people change. On having seen them I have realized that these small things are those that make us happy along the life. In a couple of years I've stopped speaking with many people cause they've chosen different ways to me and little by little we have stopped meeting …
Every day we choose between many things that we can do and we normally  do the same thing, routine. Every day, day after day. In my case it is: what time I get up, have I breakfast or not?, do I finish the homework that I did'nt do yesterday?, or when in class we speak I give my opinion or leave it to run?... When I was small someone  told me that we only take  few decisions  in our life and the rest  are simple steps to follow that do the days more bearable.Today I have realized that it only will exist one March 22, 2011 and though it looks like a bilge, all the small things that I've done today will define (though a few things more than others) how it's going to be tomorrow, or simply they will be good recollections. These small things make me really happy: to go to the college and seeing that everything is still equal, to come home and seeing that everything is normal … but I want to take advantage of these moments instead of leaving them to happen. I have liked a spanish song and a phrase of Jessie J's song that says:
"Can we all slow down and enjoy right now
Guarantee we'll be feeling Alright. "
- Jessie J

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