Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday 10: When I was young...

 Today we've done the annual photos in the high school. Every year I keep them and I like to see how I've changed, it's funny. From 3 years with mushroom hair till now, though  it wasn't important for myself how I was in the photo and now it is.
 Sometimes when I look at these photos and  see how I have grown I like to remember how I was when I believed that some day I would fly as Peter Pan. In those days to put on a shirt to the neck was to take a hero's cap, when I didn't like anything I could say ' it doesn't serve ' and everything was solved, my normal food was based on baubles and ice cream, and I was dreaming that in a future I might be who I wanted; I had neither obligations nor responsibilities, everything what it was doing badly was fixing up because I was small, a luxury...haha.
I see how I grow, and though there are things that I do not like, I believe that I am OK. I don't know, I have friends who of small were brilliant and with the years they have become unbearable, or a plastic barbies, or have autoisolated themselves of the rest of the world, that's their problem.
 I have listened to JessieJ's song nd it says that we shouldn't lose who we are, and I believe it's important, at least I wouldn't like to change my way of being, I believe that though I have my faults (like all world) I'm quite good, and it isn't that I'm vain, haha. Do you remember how did you were when you were younger? Have you changed? Xoxo

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