Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wednesday 23: freedom & future...

Hello! I like seeing you still reading my blog but I would be grateful on that you were commenting with your opinion or with improvements for the blog. Today I'm going to tell you something of what I go listening to speak the whole week.  I don't know how you are but when I'm in class and they extract an interesting topic, I'm not in the habit of thinking until it should see necessary.
Lately we speak about freedom and decisions, and things related as responsibility … I understand that the major people try to teach me where I've to go, which are the correct decisions and things like that, but it seems that they had the keys of my life and could enter and decide for me when they wanted and it's something that annoys me very much, probably it's cause I'm teen as the whole world says. I already know that there are things that aren't convenient for me and that I should leave of side, but there are times that  I only want to be wrong and to lose the fear of committing mistakes, cause as  the people says that's what the life treat not?
If I'm sincere, I often would like to be able to grow bolder and to remain with 18 years, and to be able to do what  I want without having to give explanations to my parents or to the rest of the world of why do what I do. Many people say that the 18 are the worse thing cause you've to assume the responsibilities of your acts but in exchange you can decide yourself without importing what the others think.
I hope I could fly for the free sky as birds, it's a fantasy and probably a bit vulgar but it's something that I would like to feel. I've another dream more attainable, actually I've many, but one stands out on the rest. I would like to travel to USA spatially to New York and to begin there a new life since really I am, being sincere with myself and without never shamming before the rest of the world how I am, cause for me this is the real freedom. Another day I'll tell you more dreams probably more interesting and more plans of future.
Finally, cause I'm getting longer a bit, I wanted to speak about these persons who haven't got freedom, for one or other reason; in my opinion, they aren't able  to show really how they are and their worth. If this goes on to someone of you (I'm sure that we all have a part of ourselves we don't show for fear to what will they say) you may should know  that here you have a support of being yourselves.
The person who tells you her life and her dreams without giving you her identity. XoXo

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