Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday 5: To be or not to be...the best

Hello again. This night I am going to tell you a part of my life that I don't to show very much to the rest of the world. If you believe that it is something very strong surely be wrong, since already I said I have neither a strange past or a turbid future.
 My topic of today treats of what the people wait of me. I am not the typical swot, in fact I study rather little and I'm not in the habit of straining very much, though my notes reflect the opposite. In addition the music is given me well and I have good hand with the sports. Above this seems to be easy, but he carries a great responsibility. The world hopes that I obtains the best notes, that I win in everything and I be the best, and lately it is not in the habit of being like that. This worries me, but it worries me more for what the others think of me that for my own worry, which is not small: that if already it is not worth it, that if it is not sufficiently good, THAT IF WE PREFER THE OTHERS … Now this is not much, but I'm scared about the idea of that in a time this follows this way and the whole world overcomes me, because if we are sincere the people who really triumphs are the best and not the second ones and I am not done to remain to the tail, I it never had to be and I would not like to prove how it is. It is possible to say that I've complex of inferiority, just now I do not believe that I'm better than the rest of persons I know, and often I don't even come to his level. I want to go to a good university and to live in USA, to be someone important, but I don't believe that it achieves everything what I want.
 If you identify with this and feel the same thing sometimes, I would like to know how you do it to return to shine. Kisses xoxo

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